Sunday, May 5, 2013

Technology, Webinars and Ancestral Journeys

This week I have spent my time researching how to best post my ancestral journey on my blogs. I can learn from the comfort of my home at anytime thanks to Webinars.

What is a Webinar? Webinars are shared training on the internet in what is called a podcast, videos, online workshops, interactive conferences in either real time or multi-cast viewing. It can be used for presentations, training, meetings and just to hangout with people with similar interests.

I have watched several of  Leagacy Family Tree Webinars . I participated in the live version of  "Blogging for Beginners with DearMyrtle." I was able to watch an older Webinar that she had done on "Blogs: Easy to Make Web Pages with Carrie Keele and DearMyrtle" and re-watched the "Blogging for Beginners... " stopping it as needed when I updated my Where in the State is Mom blog site. I left a comment on DearMyrtle's blog with a question which was promptly answered.

The steps were easy to follow. Legacy has several other Webinars with DearMyrtle scheduled. DearMyrtle also has her own "Hangouts" for her Google+ circle that offers a plethora of information on genealogy and blogging.

Dear Myrtle commented on how Fun is technology? I had to agree that technology is Fun when you know how to use it. She makes it fun in Webinars and so easy to follow her step by step instructions.

My virtual hands are clapping for both Lagacy and DearMyrtle for making technology available to those of us that are still struggling with this new fangled thing called Blogs. 

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