Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I'm waiting

I will start posting more info when a have a follower or two. Please come join me on my New Hampshire adventure.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Where in the State is Mom?

I will be blogging about "Where in the State is Mom?" My son, MJ, will be serving our county in Korea as November 7, 2009. I will be visiting the 234 towns and cities in New Hampshire while he is away. I will post trivia questions and some photos from the towns I visit. Please join me in taking a guess of where I am. I hope everyone will enjoy and join me in supporting MJ. Come "play along."

"Where is the State is Mom"? is going to the head of the class. Can you guess what town produced the first teacher to use a blackboard, create the first instructional teacher manual and first teacher training school in the United States? This link will help you find the answer. Have FUN. Hint: I have complete trivia for towns that start with A, B, & C. The town will be listed under one of them.

Where in the State is Mom?

Welcome to my first blog on this site for "Where in the State is Mom?". This project was created to allow my son, while he is stationed in Korea, to be part of our daily lives. I am going to be posting trivia & photos on the places I visit. My goal is to visit all 234 incorporated towns & cities in the State of New Hampshire. I have been entering trivia on my facebook page, VisitNH FB and recently created a website. I am hoping others will join this blog and play along. My website is
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