Saturday, May 5, 2012

Chase Family Research

I traveled to the beautiful town of Warner, New Hampshire in search of Jacob Chase and his descendants.

The Chase Surname is prominent in Warner Town History. I found much that I have to sort through, including a mystery. There was a letter to the Historical Society thanking them for the information for on Jacob Chase and his adopted son of Alonzo Chase. So the search is on for his birth parents. A trip to Hopkinton, New Hampshire Historical Society might answer a few questions.

Warner, New Hampshire Photo Slide Show: Enjoy the photos of my trip to Warner, Merrimack, New Hampshire.

Below is a little snippet about Warner.

Warner, NH-Merrimack County, pop 2,760 in 2000. It has been known as Number 1, New Amesbury, Jenness-town and Ryetown. It houses Bagley, Davisville, Dimond, Lower Village Melvin Village, Roby, Waterloo, Rollins State Park and Mount Kearsarge State Forest. It has had many notable inhabitants including children’s author, David Elliot, and leader of sectarian religious group, Jacob Osgood.

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